New perspectives - Innovative solutions

Do you require support to bring about change in your business?

Are you looking for a competent partner to assist in the development of your organization or team?

Are you in a managerial role and looking to discover new and innovative ways of doing things?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then Torsten Park is your first port of call. As a specialist in change and implementation management as well as in organizational, team and management development, he will support you in meeting your professional challenges. Competent, effective and future-oriented.

A sound knowledge base delivers increased value

Torsten Park has over 15 years experience as both a consultant in business and as a trainer in professional sport. His customers benefit extensively from his know-how. In his seminars, (delivered in either English or German) he helps people find sustainable solutions to problems in business and shows them how to do this with a great deal of composure. His range of services includes:
  • Comprehensive development programs
  • Tailor-made workshops
  • Supervision & coaching of executives

Organizational development

In cooperation with a global network of senior consultants Torsten Park has developed an integrative approach which combines strategic, operative and cultural aspects of business. This makes his portfolio radically different from conventional consultancy services, which for the most part only focus on individual aspects. This holistic approach delivers the optimum foundation for the success of your business.

Change Management

The dynamic nature of the challenges created by the market means that today's companies are facing demanding problems. Due to his extensive expertise in the implementation of the most complex change processes, Torsten Park supports you in solving these problems. Together with his partners ( he has developed a holistic consulting concept which takes the specialists work on organizational structures and workflows into account, as well as the debate about so-called "soft skills". This approach promises positive synergies which aid the successful execution of extensive change-management projects, e.g. the development of new business strategy models or a change in the company leadership philosophy.

Team development

Torsten Park utilizes the classic methods in team development, however, in so doing, he goes significantly further. He includes critical and partially taboo subjects, thereby making it possible to break through deeply embedded habits and working patterns. The result is that the team members gain valuable insights into their own patterns of interaction and succeed in solving conflicts collectively.

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Supervision & Coaching of executives

As a development coach Torsten Park supports executives in identifying the essence of their own qualities as well as in exploring the limits of their potential and excelling themselves when faced with demanding challenges. The theme of work-life-balance is also an integral part of the executive coaching program. This enables executives to discover new perspectives for their further careers and to develop future-oriented, sustainable solutions.

Development programs for executives

Torsten Park offers specialized ChallengeX programs for executives and managers ( who are confronted with exceptionally demanding challenges. The ChallengeX approach provide staff in management roles with new impetus in their respective leadership positions. Torsten trains executives to become so-called "Change Agents", who, for example, are responsible for the implementation of large and also intercultural change projects. ChallengeX won the HR innovation award of EADS in 2008.

Innovative training concepts

Torsten Park is currently developing an innovative training concept in cooperation with the Multisense Institute ( for companies who want to redefine their brand utilizing a multi-sensory strategy. In addition, Torsten Park designs tailor-made "Whole Brain Thinking" approaches and training designs for companies which contribute to breaking through entrenched mind-sets and make companies much more successful.

Torsten Park at a glance:

  • Freelance business consultant since 1996
  • A professional sportsman for many years and also involved as a mental coach for professional sportsmen and sportswomen
  • Responsible for the delivery of the HBDI® Level 1 and Level 2 certifications in Europe.
  • Training course to become an "Experience-Oriented Management Trainer" and Inner Game Consultant
  • Whole Brain Thinking expert.
  • Motivation Speaker and Moderator for major events (

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